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Recent News:

February 2019:
Reinhold NOx-Combustion-CCR/PCUG Conference
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 11-14, 2019

February 2018:
Reinhold NOx-Combustion-CCR Roundtable
St. Louis, MO
February 19-20, 2018

February 2017:
Reinhold NOx-Combustion-CCR Roundtable
Cleveland, Ohio
February 27-28, 2017

March 2017:
Western Turbine Users Inc. (WTUI) Conference
Las Vegas, NV
March 19-21, 2017

FERCo is an engineering services and R&D company specializing in combustion and emissions control. Founded in 1984, the company's goal is to provide research, pilot-scale development, and full-scale evaluation to industry and government in the area of applied energy and environmental systems. The senior staff have been involved in the combustion, energy, and environmental fields since the early 1970s.

FERCo operates its own laboratory which focuses on subscale combustion and emissions control research as well as physical cold flow modeling.  In addition, Fossil Energy Research has fully instrumented mobile combustion analysis laboratories for full-scale testing.


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