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FERCo has established a respected leadership position in combustion diagnostics and boiler tuning with a staff of combustion specialists with 30 to 40 years experience.  The use of specialized custom instrumentation, such as the multipoint combustion diagnostic analyzer (MCDA) and associated mobile emissions laboratories substantially reduce the time needed for tuning a boiler.  For that reason, most FERCo field test programs are typically performed with only 2 or 3 experienced specialists.

Boiler tuning and overfire air optimization covers a wide range of activities including:

  • Pulverizer testing to measure and adjust burner pipe coal flow distribution, coal fineness, and primary air/fuel ratio.
  • Instrumentation and combustion controls troubleshooting to identify calibration, maintenance, and tuning issues.
  • Mechanical adjustment of burners (air registers/dampers) and OFA port settings (swirl and penetration) to achieve uniform combustion across the furnace.
  • Parametric testing and optimization tradeoffs between emissions (CO and NOx), flyash characteristics (LOI or unburned carbon) and boiler efficiency/thermal performance.
  • Modification of the combustion control curves for the oxygen set point, OFA flow/damper sequence, and OFA location (SOFA combination) over the load range for preferred firing configurations.
  • Comparative evaluation of the combustion characteristics of fuel blend options and test burns of candidate fuels to determine the need (if any) for fine tuning adjustments for a specific fuel.


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