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Cold flow modeling of SCR systems (Project List »)

Cold Flow Modeling oF SNCR systems (Project List »)


FERCo has extensive experience in cold flow modeling of combustion and emissions control systems. Cold flow modeling studies performed by FERCo have been used to optimize:

  • SNCR and SCR reagent injection systems
  • SCR reactor systems ranging from retrofit "in-duct" systems to full-sized, freestanding reactors
  • Air flow distribution in windboxes and flue gas duct work

Cold flow modeling is an important tool in the design process and the method of choice for modeling of SCR and SNCR systems. It is a more efficient means of optimizing ammonia injection systems than CFD modeling. Modeling can result in substantial savings by yielding improved designs and by avoiding costly post-construction field modifications.

Cold flow modeling entails construction of a scaled model of the proposed system. Models are built complete with all of the essential features of the system including all internal structural members that might affect the flow field. The model is operated in a manner so as to have the same values for the pertinent dynamic parameters as the full-scale system.

Flow characterization using velocity and tracer gas measurements is used to design flow correction devices such as turning vanes, splitters, baffle plates and perforated plates to meet flow distribution criteria while minimizing pressure losses.

FERCo's modeling facility comprises over 2500 square feet of laboratory space with the capacity to conduct multiple modeling projects simultaneously.





Cold Flow Modeling

Cold Flow Modeling


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