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The HOT FOIL ™ LOI Instrument is a bench-top analyzer that eliminates the long laboratory turn-around times for ash LOI analysis typically associated with the use of conventional LOI techniques.

Typical turn-around times of hours are reduced to minutes. LOI data required for boiler tuning can now be generated in near real-time to optimize mill, burner, and OFA damper adjustments for good carbon burnout. In addition, the instrument can be used to monitor and control fly ash LOI for ash sales and disposal.

A small quantity of collected ash sample is placed in a foil “boat” and heated with electric current; the associated weight loss in the ash sample is equivalent to the LOI.

For more information on how to operate the HOT FOIL ™ LOI, please contact us to request our instructional video.






- Weight: 35 lbs
- Dimensions: 8.5" x 15" x 15"
- Bench top area recommended: 24" x 16

- 110 VAC (2 amps minimum)

Push Button Functions:
- "Foil Energize"
- "Dry" Cycle
- "Test" Cycle

Safety Interlocks and Alarms:
- Breeze shield (safety interlock)
- Foil activation (indicator light)

Ash Sample Size:
- 20-80 mg per run
- Minimum of 3 runs recommended per LOI

Analysis Time:
- 7 to 10 minutes per run (approx.)
- 30 minutes for three replicate runs


Phone: (949) 859-4466
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