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FERCo  has developed an In-Situ Mini SCR test reactor, providing industry with a simple and inexpensive way to test catalyst sample elements in realistic flue gas conditions. FERCo has built these In-Situ devices to accommodate catalyst samples with cross sections of 2” x 2”, 4” x 4” and 6” x 6”.

There are a number of constituents in combustion products that can lead to catalyst deactivation, such as arsenic, sodium, potassium, and phosphorous. Because catalyst deactivation is highly site-specific, catalyst tests are recommended prior to SCR installation. This is extremely important if the flue gas is known to contain catalyst poisons.

A control cabinet provides the necessary instrumentation to control and monitor operation of the reactor, including flue gas temperature and flow measurement, ammonia injection, and sootblower control.  The entire system is controlled with a PLC, and a data logger is utilized to archive all relevant operational and test parameters.

Typically, FERCo conducts a program to test catalyst performance over a period of 4,000 – 10,000 operating hours. Actual test frequency and length of operation will depend on the customer’s time requirements and the need for long-term tracking of catalyst aging.

At specified intervals, the catalyst sample can be easily removed from the reactor and sent to a laboratory for an activity analysis. In addition, the in situ system allows the catalyst activity to be determined during operation. The activity is determined by measuring the NOx reduction and calculating the activity coefficient, K, at a fixed operating condition. The NOx measurements are obtained with an integrated NO/O2 analyzer system. These “on-line” activity tests can be performed either on site by test personnel, or remotely via a modem connection to the reactor system PLC and data logger.

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Mini SCR Test Cabinet

Mini SCR Test Probe

Mini SCR Test Probe Installed



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