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The CatalysTraK® - Activity system succesfully completed a 2-year test program at the Clearwater Cogeneration Plant, owned and operated by the City of Riverside (Calif) Public Utilities. The program was featured in CCJ Online
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The CatalysTraK® - Activity system has succesfully operated at Alabama Power Company's Plant Gorgas Unit 10 since 2005. Read more »

CatalysTraK® - Activity was presented at the 2008 MEGA Symposium.
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CatalysTraK® - Activity: In Situ SCR Catalyst Activity Test System

In response to the need for more frequent measurements of catalyst activity, FERCo developed the CatalysTraK® - Activity In Situ Catalyst Activity Test System , capable of measuring catalyst activity across multiple locations and multiple layers in an operating, full-scale SCR reactor.

As the operation of SCR reactors changes from seasonal to year-round, the opportunity for physical removal of catalyst samples for laboratory activity testing will become less frequent. Since SCR catalyst management strategies rely on accurate knowledge and estimations of catalyst life, the decline in the amount of data available will lead to less accurate predictions which could in turn lead to higher operating or replacement costs.


Until now, catalyst activity was determined by removing a physical sample of catalyst from the reactor and analyzing the activity in a laboratory.  This limits the amount of activity data to about one sample a year, or less for SCR systems operating year-round.  With limited data, projecting catalyst life is difficult and can result in higher SCR costs.

However, with the CatalysTraK® - Activity in situ test system, catalyst activity can be measured at any time, on any layer while the SCR system is on-line (in addition to regular external lab analysis of catalyst samples).

Catalyst Activity

  CatalysTraK test locations

The CatalysTraK® test system is easy to install.  Each typical test location requires only two standard 4” ports, one upstream and one downstream of the catalyst layer.  Test as many locations per reactor as needed.  All locations are managed by one control cabinet.

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