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FERCo can conduct combustion diagnostic and nitric-oxide optimization tests much more rapidly than traditional sampling methods using its proprietary MCDA. The Instrument features:

  • NO, O2 and CO measurement
  • Real-time contour plots of gas concentrations
  • NO and CO data corrected to specified O2 level
  • 12 channels
  • Simultaneous measurement at up to 12 sample points
  • Archival and retrieval of test data for further analysis


FERCo has had the privilege of building several custom mobile emission measurement laboratories for qualified clients (e.g., Consumers Energy, Southern Company Services, Luminant). These laboratories typically include a multipoint combustion diagnostic emissions analyzer (O2, CO, NO) and sample system capable of making simultaneous, real-time gaseous measurements from up to 24 sample probes in a flue gas duct. The latest custom MCDA system uses CEMs quality instruments (O2-paramagnetic, CO-NDIR, NO-Chemiluminescent) capable of extended (12 hour+) continuous operation without the need for a periodic air purge or recalibration. The use of this system for emissions optimization testing results in a substantial savings in test time, particularly when tuning large SCRs with a 72 to 144 point SCR exit sample probe grid.  The measurement precision of this system is comparable to EPA certified analyzers.  Mobile emissions laboratories are custom designed to each clients individual specifications and intended use.





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