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PA flow distribution (pipe-to-pipe)

Coal flow distribution (pipe-to-pipe)

Pulverized coal fineness distribution

Pulverizer operating data

Balancing coal flow distributions with orifices »



FERCo has successfully tuned many different pulverizer systems in order to provide the owner with the optimum air and fuel balances (pipe-to-pipe). We use both the RotorProbe™ and a new portable MIC One real-time coal flow measurement system. The dirty air pitot is then also used for primary air flow measurements. The focus of FERCo's recent pulverizer tuning and balancing has been on emissions reduction. This is most often accomplished by balancing burner flows as closely as possible. The balance is typically optimized by orifice changes in the burner lines.

Benefits of improved coal and air flow distributions often include:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved flame stability
  • Reduced ash deposition
  • Reduced carbon in ash
  • More uniform combustion





Pulverizer Testing




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