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CatalysTraK® - Manage: SCR Catalyst Management Software

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when making an informed decision about SCR catalyst management, and without the proper tools, the process can quickly become overwhelming. CatalysTraK® - Manage was developed to provide a means of streamlining and organizing the management process.

The main goal of CatalysTraK® - Manage is to take the guesswork out of catalyst replacement decisions. By entering data about your specific SCR reactor, such as size, catalyst type, number of layers, outage schedules, etc.., CatalysTraK® - Manage not only determines when catalyst additions or replacements are necessary, but also provides options based on your outage schedule, and calculates the associated economic consequences. Through the use of FERCo's CatalysTraK® - Activity In Situ Catalyst Activity Test System, the Reactor Potential of the SCR reactors can be determined as needed, and input into CatalysTraK® - Manage to provide even more accurate predictions of catalyst life. The current release also includes gas turbine functionality.

CatalysTraK® - Manage is currently available to EPRI members (as CatReact®) at no additional cost, and is available for purchase to non-EPRI members through JEC Inc.

Please contact us if you are interested and would like more information.

CatalysTraK- Manage, Input Buttons worksheet

Worksheet: "Input Buttons"

CatReact Catalyst Deactivation

Worksheet: "Catalyst Deactivation"

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