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Successful SCR catalyst management depends on the ability to accurately plan and predict the replacement or addition of new catalyst layers in order to maintain the necessary NOx reductions and ammonia slip and is a task that is not easily done or taken lightly. If SCR catalyst is replaced too soon, operating costs can increase; but if the catalyst is replaced too late (it is allowed to degrade too far), unplanned outages may become necessary, or NOx reductions may have to decrease, possibly resulting in penalties. Failure to plan properly in either direction will inevitably result in the same unwanted scenario of higher costs.

FERCo has numerous resources available to assist with your own SCR Catalyst Management Strategy, ranging from suppliers of equipment and management tools, to utilizing our vast knowledge base and experience to develop and maintain a management strategy specifically for you.

Aside from our extensive experience in SCR reactor design and tuning, some of the tools that FERCo offers include an patented process to assess your In Situ Catalyst Activity with CatalysTraK® - Activity , without ever having to wait for an outage or take a core sample. This data can be used with CatalysTraK® - Manage, a spreadsheet-based software tool, to develop catalyst replacement strategies, resulting in more efficient use of catalyst and potentially saving millions of dollars in outage and replacement costs.

For more traditional activity tests of catalyst samples, FERCo is one of the few independent laboratories in the United States that can test coal SCR catalyst per the VGB or EPRI guidelines for catalyst testing. FERCo has both a Micro Scale Catalyst Activity Tester for gas turbine catalyst, as well as a Bench Scale Catalyst Activity Tester for more traditional coal SCR catalyst samples.

For those looking for a NOx control plan, and considering SCR applied to a new fuel, FERCo also offers an In-Situ Mini SCR Reactor to test catalyst with your actual flue gas. This mini reactor serves as a means of understanding and addressing potential deactivation issues, before incurring the expense of installing a full-scale reactor.

Please contact FERCo directly if you are interested or would like pricing information on any of our Catalyst Management services.

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