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FERCo has a bench-scale facility in which we can evaluate the activity of traditional catalyst samples. The testing can be performed per either the VGB or EPRI catalyst testing guidelines.  The facility also has R&D capabilities that expand upon traditional testing.

The test facility currently accepts bench scale catalyst samples, and rigorously controls flue gas temperature, flow rate, and gas compositions.

In addition to NOx activity, SO2 to SO3 oxidation, and CO oxidation can also be measured. Tests have also been performed at varying NO/NO2/NOx ratios, as well as some VOC's such as toluene and methane.  FERCo also has a reactor for 3 meter long catalyst filters.

bench scale reactor

Traditional activity testing of catalyst samples is useful as a means of assessing catalyst life. However, as the opportunities for obtaining samples are generally limited to the annual planned outages, using laboratory tests to determine catalyst replacement strategies may not be the best solution. Limited activity data will limit the ability to make good decisions. As a solution to this, FERCo has developed the CatalysTraK® - Activity In Situ Catalyst Activity Test System, in which the Reactor Potential of the SCR can be accurately measured at any time, on-demand, without waiting for an outage to collect a sample.

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