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Recent Experiences Tuning SCR Systems (2003 DOE-EPRI-EPA-A&WMA Combined Power Plant Air Pollution Control Symposium, Washington D.C., 05/03)

Twenty-Five Years of SCR Evolution: Implications for US Application and Operation (Mega Symposium/AWMA Conf., Chicago, IL, 08/01)

The Effect of Boiler Firing Practices on Potential Fireside Corrosion with Low-Nox Burners(AFRC 2000, Newport Beach, CA, 9/00)

Fouling Monitor and Alarm Software – Recent Developments
(Mega Symposium/AWMA Conf., Chicago, IL, 08/01)


Diagnostic Tools for Gas Turbine CO and SCR Performance
(Presented at the 2016 NOx-Combustion Round Table, February 2016)

Catalyst Testing: Overview, Methodology, Reporting, and Full-Scale Application
(October, 2016)

NOx Control in a Reduced Load Environment
(Presented at the 2012 NOx-Combustion RoundTable, February 2012)

Experimental Investigation of Catalyst Deactivation Below the MOT and Full Load Regeneration
(Presented at the 2011 EPRI SCR WOrkshop, October 2011)

SNCR Performance and Optimization: Wood Fired Boilers
(Presented at the Western Regional Boiler Association 42nd Annual Conference, March 2010)

Tuning LNB's and OFA Systems
(Presented at the 2009 Reinhold NOx Roundtable, February 2009)

Pilot Scale Study of ABS Formation Temperature: Application of a Dewpoint Technique
(Presented at the 2007 EPRI SCR Workshop)

In Situ Device for Real-Time Catalyst Deactivation Measurements
(Presented at 2006 EPRI SCR Workshop)

A New Multi-Stage Collector(MSC ™) Concept

Determining SCR Reactor Potential In Situ

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