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CatalysTraK® News*

2013: CatalysTrak® is featured in CCJ ONline »

2010: Notice from USPTO of patent Read more »

Feb 2010: KnoxCheck® is featured in Coal Power Magazine »

June 2007: KnoxCheck® is featured in the U.S. Department of Energy's
"Fossil Energy Techline" »

Nov 2006: Featured in
Power Engineering »:

Aug 2006: (No. 340) issue of the FGD and deNOx Newsletter. The article in the FGD and deNOx Newsletter is available to subscribers. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the article, please contact FERCo.



Upcoming Presentations at the 2019 Reinhold NOx Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah
(Feb11-14, 2019):
  - Combined Cycle SCR Systems
  - Combustion Optimization to Reduce Superheat Tube Metal Temperatures


FERCo tunes two direct-injection EMX to SCR with dual function catalyst for the City of Redding, CA.

FERCo tunes the AIGs on two large combined cycle units in Connecticut to meet 2ppm NOx with 2ppm NH3 slip.

FERCo redesigns the NOx/CO reduction systems on seven (7) 3MW reciprocating engines to allow compliance firing landfill gas.

FERCo completes field pilot-scale study for EPRI assessing pre-SCR calcium injection on catalyst deactivation.


FERCo's bench-scale catalyst test facility tests a 3 meter catalytic filter element





*CatalysTraK® - Activity was was originally developed and named KnoxCheck® as a part of a DOE/NETL sponsored program, in conjunction with EPRI and Southern Company Generation

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